Thunder in the Night (1935) Poster
Thunder in the Night is a 1935 American crime film directed by George Archainbaud and written by Frances Hyland and Eugene Solow. The film stars Edmund Lowe,Karen Morley, Paul Cavanagh, Una O'Connor, Gene Lockhart and John Qualen. The film was released on September 20, 1935, by Fox Film Corporation


Officer Karl Torok's (Edmund Lowe) best friend, Count Alvinczy (Paul Cavanagh), is elected president of the Hungarian cabinet. Meanwhile, Alvinczy's wife, Madalaine (Karen Morley), receives a message from a blackmailer (Cornelius Keefe), threatening her husband. When the blackmailer winds up dead, Madalaine appears to be the most likely suspect. Torok, however, knows the case is more complicated than it seems, and dedicates himself to revealing the truth behind this complex mystery.


  • Edmund Lowe as Captain Karl Torok
  • Karen Morley as Madalaine
  • Paul Cavanagh as Count Peter Alvinczy
  • Una O'Connor as Julie
  • Gene Lockhart as Gabor
  • John Qualen as Porter
  • Russell Hicks as Prefect of Police
  • Arthur Edmund Carewe as Professor Omega
  • Bodil Rosing as Lisa
  • Gloria Roy as Katherine Szabo
  • Cornelius Keefe as Paul Szegedy
  • Polly Ann Young as Torok's Date
  • Herman Bing as Taxi Driver
  • Luis Alberni as Taxi Driver
  • Landers Stevens as Hans
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