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This UFO is an important element of the Ice Age franchise. It first appeared in Ice Age as a joke and then had an important role in Ice Age: Collision Course.


Ice Age

It can be seen when Manny, Sid, Diego and Roshan walks by an Ice Cave and they see the UFO frozen.

Ice Age: Collision Course

Scrat is trying to bury his acorn but he finishes in the ice cave that is not half melted due to the meltdown. Scrat discovers the UFO and finishes in space while struggling to comand it which leds to him accidentally sending a giant asteroid towards Earth.

Scrat tries to comand the UFO for the entire movie and he finishes in a lot of comical situations and accidents like accidentally throwing the acorn in the toilette which leds to the acorn being released in space.

At the end of the film and after the asteroid was stopped, Scrat finishes on Mars where he accidentally destroys all the life on the planet and he runs back in the ship in terror pretending to not have seen anything.

Scrat: Spaced Out

Before destroying Mars, Scrat gets captured by an alien race formed by giant female squirrels named Scratazons that wants his acorn.

After almodt getting killed, Scrat fights with their leader for the acorn which leds to the destruction of their ship and the formation of a black hole that swallows all of them except Scrat and their leader. Scrt defeats the leader by throwing her in the black hole but he gets swalloed as well along with his acorn.

However, they get spited back for some reason nd Scrat is delighted until his acorn gets swallowed by the hole, that opened again for a brief moment.

He gets back on the UFO and decides to search acorns on alien planets.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Like Scrat, the UFO never appears here but it's shown in a drawing in Buck's den and indirectly mentioned.

Scrat Tails

The UFO could appear in this show at least for a brief moment since it shows Scrat finally coming back to Earth.