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Under the Red Robe is a 1937 British / American film directed by Victor Sjöström. Previously filmed as a 1923 silent directed by Alan Crosland. Before the films a play had been produced on Broadway in 1896-97 starring Viola Allen and William Faversham.


Cardinal Richelieu spares the life of a convicted duelist (Veidt) provided he will capture the leader of the Huguenots.


  • Conrad Veidt as Gil de Berault
  • Annabella as Lady Marguerite of Fiox
  • Raymond Massey as Cardinal Richelieu
  • Romney Brent as Marius
  • Sophie Stewart as Elise, Duchess of Fiox
  • Wyndham Goldie as Edmond, Duke of Fiox
  • Lawrence Grant as Father Joseph
  • Balliol Holloway as Clon
  • Shale Gardner as Louis
  • Frank Damer as Pierre
  • James Regan as Jean
  • Edie Martin as Maria
  • Haddon Mason as Count Rossignac
  • J. Fisher White as Baron Breteuil
  • Graham Soutten as Leval
  • Anthony Eustrel as Lieutenant Brissac
  • Desmond Roberts as Capt. Rivarolle
  • Ralph Truman as Captain at Castle
  • Eric Hales as Lieutenant at Castle