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White Fang is a 1936 American action film directed by David Butler and written by Sam Duncan, Gene Fowler and Hal Long. The film stars Michael Whalen, Jean Muir,Slim Summerville, Charles Winninger, John Carradine and Jane Darwell. It is based on the novel White Fang by Jack London. The film was released on July 17, 1936, by 20th Century Fox.


An adventurer makes friends with a young girl and her brother who have a map to a gold mine.


  • Michael Whalen as Gordon Weedon Scott
  • Jean Muir as Sylvia Burgess
  • Slim Summerville as Slats Magee
  • Charles Winninger as Doc McFane
  • John Carradine as Beauty Smith
  • Jane Darwell as Maud Mahoney
  • Thomas Beck as Hal Burgess
  • Joseph Herrick as Kobi
  • George Du Count as François
  • Marie Chorre as Nomi
  • Lightning as White Fang