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Zee is the tritagonist of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild. She's an adventerous female zorilla that is one of the protectors of the Dinosaur World and Buck's love interest.



Zee was born from two unknown zoorillas. Not much is known about her childhood but it's known that at some point of her life she finished in the Dinosaur World. There she met and developed a crush for Buck and became friends. Togheter, they decided to form a group of animals to defend the Dinosaur World from threats like Rudy or the Dakotaraptor family and allowed the Lost World to become a place for all the creatures in the world making more mammals live in the place. However, a dwarf talking Triceratop named Orson wasn't happy about that as he hated mammals believing them to be inferior but Buck still offered him to become a member of his team due to feeling pity for his tragic childhood and for notizie his intelligence.

Orson refused and caused chaos in the Lost World, believing that mammals should not live in the Lost World and that the strongest should rule on the puny thus revealing his plan to rule the Lost World and prepared a trap for Buck that killed the whole team, except Zee and Buck.

Zee and Buck would exile Orson in the Lava Falls hoping that him being alone would make him feel some kind of remorse (it only made him more evil and sociopathic) and they splitted up after an argument. Due to this, they operated as adventuriers on their owns for years and they never saw each other again.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Zee is seen making a couple of appearences before actually appearing in the story as she spies Orson, that came back from the Lava Falls thanks to his Raptors minions that he domisticated thanks to the fire as they're fascinated by it, to discover his plan to rule the Lost World.

She finally appears when she rescues Buck and Crash and Eddie. She presents herself to the two opossums and they believe that she's a skunk and that Zee isn't her full name. She's both annoyed and fascinated by their stupidity as she says they're kinda cute.

The group goes to Momma T-Rex and Buck asks for her help. She has a pain to one of her teeth and Buck removes it but she's too confused to help them after Zee used her smell to make her remain quiet during the operation. Orson makes fun of them and captures Buck as he left time for Zee, Crash and Eddie to escape.

Zee, Crash and Eddie are sad for failing and for allowing Buck to get captured by Orson that wants to execute him in front of everyone by feeding him to his Raptors. Zee teaches Crash and Eddie how to become able adventuriers and fighters and once they're ready they go to rescue Buck.

They free Buck from his cage and Manny, Sid, Diego and Ellie arrives with Momma T-Rex as they join the fight. Crash and Eddie uses the fire to temporarily control the Raptors (their control lasts for at least 3 hours) and they order them to chase and eat Orson, with the latter running away in terror as he's chased by the Raptors and tries to break the control.

Crash and Eddie decides to stay with Buck and Zee to live a life of adventures with them as they hug Ellie and promises her to visit them often. Buck accepts Zee, Crash and Eddie living in house and he stops being a loner.


Gruff and sarcastic yet wisecracking, she is very determinated to make the Lost World a better place and to open the place to the surface animals, which causes Orson's hatred towards her and Buck.


  • She finished in the Lost World right after Ice Age: Continental Drift and one year before Ice Age: Collision Course. It's unknown what she did duing Collision Course but since she was still separated from Buck It's likely that she protected the Lost World from the meteors while Buck was with the Herd.